Discern, he said

Don’t judge

With the measure you use

It will be given back to you

Tenfold, running over

Out of your arms and back to into them

You are doves delivering news of dry land

You are serpents making a path through sand

You are Shamayim, everything contained

Chaos within limits within oceans within coasts

Love yourself as others do.

Love others more

Everything is perfect in moderation,

Including excess

Everything has time, a speed,

A point, departure, entry, regress

A place. A space

Even reason has its own season

Let me ingest my own advice first

See if it is worth dispensing.


Strip me bare and polish me



Warm wood under your fingers

Twisted from a wild living thing

Fate selected

To fall and be carried in sections,

Mauled by screaming saw-blade

Laid out in the heat to cure

In quiet darkness, kept forever

Ministered by you in silence

Warm daylight of your shed

Shavings curl to the wood-dust floor,


Your hands deft on the plane

Eyes soft, lips parted

Working me

Seeing my curves before they appear

From the edge of possibilities

Satisfied before you began

To let me take shape according to

My knots and your fluid design

Each adjusting in turn,

Bonded by the interplay

Movement, stillness


Can’t have open wounds

Bleeding of hearts starts the process

I’m still open to you

Press your flesh onto mine

Deep layer down

And bind the graft

Or I will have to thicken my skin

See you distant and composed

Or over-exposed

Instead through the root-net I will send you

Love in the form of a thousand chemicals

Gently and invisibly

Impulses not my own,

Fungal augmentation

This web is bigger, more beautiful

Than even we can feel.


Use your edges

Don’t shave them off,

Slice by slice

To please your neighbour

Don’t erode your boundaries

For the sake of saving face

For a false promise of peace

Keep wilderness at your edges

Sanctuary at your core

Value your margins

Life is greatest at the interface

A bifacial blade cuts two ways at once

Value your margins,

The marginal ones

Use them,

Don’t abuse them

It’s not over until it’s over

My love,

So it will never be

I carry you heartward, homeward

Over every sea

Inner and outer

Into each new land,

Every ancient place dwelt second-hand

The path I tread carries your trace

Indents which seasons won’t erase

Marks made fast in months too short

Deepened now by daily thought

I fought; I lost. I gain instead

Some ground toward the watershed:

The earth promised us, at the end

The light we seek, the land we tend.

You are the sun this morning

Distant and always

Apart, I can dwell here now

Knowing you are everywhere

Shield of feather-grey at dawn

Now milky,

High vapour-haze conceals you from reach of tongue, from worry

Removes my far-sight

Felt the connection sever

Sometime in the disenchantment of waking


Ready for any outcome

Balanced here

Anticipating any shift


Somewhere in the beauty of slumber

Restarts the persistent thrum

Turning in my tunnel-vision

Fear of future lost

To another mouth, bare-souled in the steep underneath


Sword attack at twilight

Sense you nowhere,

Sometimes, encamped on this bridge

Closer to never

Listening for you in the moonlight

Dead Horse Flogging

Not much else to say.

Was right to stop then

Most recent exercise

Bracing confirmation

Problem is always acceptance

Damned both ways

Problem is a solution

Winner is all

It’s me. It always was.

And you

Could look at this as a racetrack


Or a binary issue

1 vs 0

Winner vs loser

I want to break out sideways

Make my own steeplechase,

Smash the barriers

Escape to the highlands

Where I might belong,

One millenium

But they turn those ones into glue,

Once they’ve run them down

Black Beauty had a good life,

After the abuse

It’s not like that

It’s just a matter of temperament, breeding, training,

And who you get sold to.